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CCSEA is a 501(c)(3) public charity registered in the United States.  We work on the belief that education and basic nutrition are fundamental human rights that empower individuals and communities in countless ways.

We work in partnership with local and international NGO’s in Myanmar and Cambodia. 


Myanmar (Burma)



What We Do
Sprinkles Distribution

*Provide Sprinkles micronutrients and fortified foods for children affected by ethnic conflict in Myanmar. These children represent numerous ethnic groups including Kachin, Arakanese, Karenni, Chin, Mon, Shan, and Burmese. Their parents have been killed or seriously injured as a result of war and they now live in orphanages throughout Myanmar. Many lack access to healthy foods and suffer from anemia and other problems related to poor nutrition. Micronutrients and fortified foods boost brain development and overall well being and provide an opportunity for a healthy life and bright future.

Teacher Training Seminars and School Supplies Distribution for Orphanages
Pyay Township, Myanmar

*Learning Materials and Resources
Furnish schools and students with tools to succeed.  We provide textbooks, teaching materials, electronic resources, notebooks, and healthy meals for students.  We work with local community members to target and assist underfunded schools and needy students.

*Teacher Training  Workshops and Seminars~
Design and carry out teacher training seminars in Pyay Township, Myanmar.  In partnership with The Myanmar Literacy Resource Centre we work with local educators to improve teaching techniques and strategies.



              Current Projects

        *Health and Nutrition Education         

        *Micronutrient and Fortified Food Distribution for    

          Maternal and Child Health.
        *Teacher Training Workshops to share interactive

          teaching techniques and strategies for a more

          productive classroom environment.       

        *Education Resources for students, teachers and   


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