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BMWEC is a community organisation based in Mae Sot, a large town in western Thailand and the major land gateway to Burma. Mae Sot and the surrounding area are home to an estimated 200,000 migrants, both registered and unregistered.
Our focus is to ensure that as many children and young people as possible have access to a quality education which enriches their lives now, and opens opportunities for them either back in Myanmar, in Thailand or further afield. At the moment we oversee education for approximately 4000 children in 25 learning centres. Our migrant children are likely to play a crucial role in building and becoming leaders of civil society and democratic communities in Myanmar.

The Mae Tao Clinic (MTC) is a health service provider and training centre, established to contribute and promote accessible quality health care among displaced Burmese and ethnic people along the Thai-Burma border. In addition to the comprehensive services provided at its onsite facilities, MTC also promotes general health through partnerships with other community based organisations. We work together to implement and advocate for social and legal services, as well as access to education for people living along the border.

Shanti Volunteer Association is a non-governmental organization that is dedicated to providing educational support and emergency relief activites. We believe that education has life-changing powers. In an effort to provide learning opportunities to all children, we are actively engaged in library activites and school construction while valuing regional culture and continuous communication.

Nepal Orphans Home attends to the welfare of children in Nepal who are orphaned, abandoned, or not supported by their parents.  NOH provides for the children’s basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing, as well as schooling and health care, and administers to their emotional needs with love and compassion, allowing them to grow up in a nurturing environment.  Our mission is not just to rescue children from abject poverty, but to enable the children to develop and realize their potentials.

SGHI is primarily a research organization. As the inventor of Sprinkles and the concept of ‘home-fortification’, and having performed research in many countries around the world, SGHI staff have a great deal of experience and technical expertise. Our activities focus on clinical and implementation research to investigate the general causes of malnutrition in infants and young children, in order to develop new and suitable nutritional interventions.


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