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Nutrition Support

CCSEA provides nutrition support for displaced children and families in Myanmar. We work in Internally Displaced Person(IDP) camps in rural areas giving general health and nutrition seminars and providing Sprinkles micro nutrients. 

Teacher Training


CCSEA designs and carries out teacher training seminars in partnership with the Yangon based Myanmar Literacy Resource Centre.  We work with local educators to improve and diversify teaching techniques and strategies.  

Supporting Community Clinics

CCSEA's nutrition team travels to clinics in rural townships, villages, and orphanages for displaced children around Myanmar.  These clinics are opened either weekly or monthly by a nurse, mid wife, and other community health workers.  CCSEA provides Sprinkles micronutrients to malnourished children 6 months to 5 years of age and pregnant women.  We give a basic health and nutrition talk and provide instructions on how to properly use Sprinkles micronutrients. We follow up one month and 6 months later for evaluations in the monitoring phases of our program.  We are focusing on poor rural areas where children suffer from high rates of malnutrition.



Cost to provide a child with nutrition:
 $1 a month / $12 a year
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